Using Lava to Diffuse Essential Oils

Posted by Jilli Reichard on

Lava is porous, allowing the ability to apply essential oils on to the beads for aromatherapy! With a q-tip or the tip of your finger, rub your favorite essential oil into your lava beads before putting on your jewelry. The longer you allow the oils to absorb into the beads, the longer your scent may last. The beads will absorb the oils quite quickly but may appear wet for a short time. Please note we use natural lava beads, and they will not absorb oils instantly, but with some patience, you will begin to experience how amazing lava stones can be.

The length of time the aroma will last varies from stone to stone and the essential oil you use but your aroma can last anywhere from a couple hours to a full day! Allowing the oils to soak in after you have rubbed the oil on will also give you better results. Scent will always be the strongest at first. Some oils omit a strong aroma, whereas others are more subtle.

Lava is said to be a stone of protection, strength, and fertility. Lava beads provide stability in times of change and often help to dissipate anger and provide guidance and understanding. Lava is a very grounding stone. Each one completely unique - no two alike. We understand that the use of lava with essential oils may not be for everyone. That's okay, because lava is incredible all by itself!

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