Wood Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

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A new spin on diffusing! Our popular diffuser jewelry takes on a new look. Now your favorite oils can be diffused while hanging around your neck. These necklaces are a must-have for everyone that enjoys diffusing.

Rub your favorite essential oil into the natural unfinished wood bead. Once the scent dissipates, you simply reapply. 

Each piece is handmade at the time of order. Each 12mm wood bead has silver grommets and hangs from your choice of a 16" or 18" stainless steel chain with lobster clasp.

Some diffusing ideas include citronella oil to deter mosquitos or lavender oil to calm. The possibilities are endless.

The length of time the aroma will last varies depending on the essential oil you use but your aroma can last anywhere from a couple hours to a full day! Allowing the oils to soak in after you have rubbed the oil on will also give you better results. Scent will always be the strongest at first. Some oils omit a strong aroma, whereas others do not. Lava is said to be a stone of protection, strength, and fertility. 

*Some oils may darken the wood.